Exciting News – A New Slack Group!

If you follow me on Instagram (@pooja_balasubs) and WhatsApp, you would know I've been bombarding you all with an article/video every other day! Better yet, this initiative got me in touch with so many people who were like-minded, enjoyed reading the posts and in-turn shared from their side as well. You must think, 'It is... Continue Reading →

Walking East to Walking West – A Thousand Miles Away #10 (Life of an MS Student)

If I had to pick the month in the last one year when I picked up most number of goof habits and completely transformed the way I spent my time, it has to be this one. Although I cannot guarantee if the habits would permeate into the next semester at Columbia, I'm happy to see... Continue Reading →

8 Months and Finally an Offer!

Exactly a year and 3 days ago, I received my admit from Columbia University. I was supremely relieved and excited to say the least. And now, a year and 3 days later, I got my offer from Salesforce for a summer internship as a Technical Program Manager. On many levels, getting this offer has been... Continue Reading →

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